Friday, December 12, 2014

TV Series: House of Cards (2014) (Season 2)

Between the end of the first season of 'House of Cards' and the second one, I watched some really good series. This fact made me not to be so eager to watch this second season, that's why I delayed a lot to sit down and watch it.
But when I finally did, I was absorbed by it once more!
  In the first season Kevin Spacey gave one of the best performances of his career as Congresman Frank Underwood. Well, here he takes the role a bit further. (If that is even possible).
Next to him, Robin Wright gives an excellent performance in the role of his wife Claire. These two are the main characters of the series, and the plot is "built" on their shoulders. When I was watching the series, I thought of them as the "evil couple" more than a few times, which is actually very close to the truth. They are a couple that will not stop at nothing until they get what they want.
 As I mentioned in my review for the first season (which you can read here if you want: there are some side stories going on, which add nothing to the main story, and they only delay the plot and take up time in the episodes. Well, that happens in the season 2 as well.
 To be honest I'm not sure which season is better, but I think I will say the first one by a small margin.
 Everything that you see in the first season is here too, including of course the great idea of Kevin Spacey (only) every now and then turning his face to the camera and speaking his thoughts directly to you. This was somethig that for some reason the critics dissaproved of. It caused much speculation over the idea of pursuing this style or giving it up entirely. The answer comes at the end of the 1st episode of the 2nd season, and it was ecxellent given! (I don't want to describe what is going on and spoil the surprise).
 All of you who enjoyed Tv series like for example 'Breaking Bad' or 'Broadwalk Empire' I believe you will enjoy this one as well. I strongly recommend it, if not for some other reason, than only to watch Kevin Spacey's performance in it.
My rating for the second season would be: 8 out of 10. (IMDB's rating is: 9.1 out of 10)
On the following video you can watch a trailer for season 2.
Thank you for reading.