Monday, June 18, 2012

My Top-10 Prog Rock Bands Slide show

   One day a couple of years ago, I was watching on youTube some music videos.
I saw someone that had upload a video called my Top10 (or 15) Progressive Rock bands. I decided to take a look out of curiosity. By opening this video, I saw on the right side of the screen more videos like this one. Top 10 Prog bands, Top 10 Prog songs etc...
Some of these videos were good, some not so good.
So I felt kind of jealous, and I thought 'Why them and not me?' :P
And I decided to make one as well. The problem was that I'm not a computer expert. (The opposite I could say). So, after spending almost a whole Sunday morning, I managed to make about 10 minutes of video! :P
   It is not something great or super, but I love it! Because you know, I made it! hehehe
After finishing it I was very excited about it, and I went to upload it right away!
And there was the bummer! I uploaded it, but because of YouTube's policy I could watch it, but without any sound.
   So I left it somewhere in my computer and tried to forget about it. Until 2 days ago. I was looking at some files, and there it was! And since now I have this blog going, and also lately there are a lot of posts about Prog-Rock, I decided to put it here so if you want you can watch it.
   I really hope that some of you will like it. Please be gentle and kind in your comments, (if you post any), because that was my first (and last most probably) attempt for something like that...
   So sit back, open the volume a bit, and enjoy! :)
   This is GFreedom's Top-10 Prog-Rock bands from the '70's... :)