Thursday, August 23, 2012


These are old English Series that I discovered recently.
Having a small break from ‘Sons of anarchy’, I thought to give a try on this one.
The series consist of 3 seasons, of 6 short episodes for each season.
That means that you can finish it in a couple of days easily.
Black boks is a typical English comedy including 3 main characters:
Bernard Black is an extremely antisocial heavy smoker and drinker owner of a small bookstore, that he is lazy, rude, cynical, and perfectly happy with it! His only friend in the world is Fran, the girl from the shop next door, who is actually a neurotic and boyfriend-desperate young woman and Bernard’s  launch time drinking partner.
Third main character is Manny, and accountant that Bernard hires after his old accountant  is on the run, but in the end  finds himself doing almost everything in the shop. Even cooking!
It is a light funny series that I recommend mostly because they are very short and it doesn’t make you bored. (As long as you are fond of the English sense of humor…)
  The rating on IMDB is 8.7, but my opinion is that is overrated.
You can give it a try and see for yourselves…
You can have a small idea on this trailer here: