Saturday, August 4, 2012

GFreedom's Juke Box #11...

Hello all!
It's Saturday again, so it is time for me to post my Top-5 songs as usual...
So here they are:

DONOVAN: Atlantis (Barabajagal - 1969)
ROXY MUSIC: In every Dream Home a Heartache
 (Live) (Viva Roxy! - 1976)
DAVID BOWIE: Cygnet Committee
(Space Oddity - 1969)
LED ZEPPELIN: Since I've been Loving You (Live)
 (The Song Remains the Same - 1976)
STRAWBS: Autumn (In 3 parts) (Hero & Heroine - 1974)

 So, let's see if anyone is in the mood to post his/her Top-5... :)