Friday, December 21, 2012

Prog & Roll Christmas Special!

Hello everybody! :)
I just want to inform you that on this Sunday 23/12 we will have our Special Christmas show on Just in Case Radio. It will be a very interesting show I believe, with many great songs, weird songs, and funny songs. We are preparing something different for this night, that's why it would be great if many of you could join our nice and friendly company. And why? Because on this Sunday and the next one (30/12), altogether we will choose Prog & Roll's Top-10 for 2012.
You will have to vote for the best songs from our shows throughout this year.
And how will this happen? As many of our listeners knows already, at the end of every show you vote for the best song you've heard that night. We have collected all your votes, and we have made a list with the 20 most popular songs from all our shows so far. And now it is the time for the final draft!
On the last 2 shows of 2012 we will play these songs (among many others of course), and you will have to mark these songs with a point scale from 1 to10. Then we will do the proper calculations, and we will announce Prog & Roll's Top - 10 songs for 2012.
Well, I hope you understood the whole project. If not, we will explain it again at the time of the show.
So don't forget: On Sunday 23rd, at 20.00GMT (22.00 Greek time) you can listen to our radio show here:
I hope to see you there.
Thank you in advance! :)