Saturday, May 25, 2013

GFreedom Team Presents: MYRATH: Tales of the Sands (2011)

   This afternoon GFreedom Team will present the whole album from the not-so-famous Tynisian (!) band MYRATH.
Myrath is a Progressive Metal band, with 3 records so far, all of them good. They play a weird blend of heavy metal mixed with local folk rhythms. I found their music very interesting and rather unique. We will present their last album that was released in 2011.
 So, this afternoon if you are in the mood for some interesting music, join us.
 You can listen to us by clicking to this link: Just In Case Prog Radio
  I'm just informing you that this in not a live show with microphones etc. We will be online though at the time of the presentation, chatting through the chatbox, giving info when needen etc...  Just a relaxing hour listening to a very interesting record.
  The presentation starts at 18.00GMT (20.00 Greek Time).
  And for those who never heard of Myrath before, here's the official video from a song included in the album we will be presenting tonight.
Thank you... :)