Saturday, May 4, 2013

GFreedom's Juke Box Nο.44

Good morning folks!
Today it is Saturday so it is the time to post my usual Top-5 songs of this last week.
Truth is I am terrible busy these days, but I took sometime out of today's jammed program in order to post here my Top-5.
So here are the songs that were the best from all the songs I've listened in this last week:

An.L.Webber / T.Rise: Gesthemane (Jesus Christ Superstar O.S.T) - 1973
An.L.Webber / T.Rise: King Herod's Song (Jesus Christ Superstar O.S.T) - 1973
Ted Nugent: Stranglehold (Ted Nugent) - 1975
Strawbs: Autumn (Hero & Heroine) - 1974
James: Space (Pleased to meet You) - 2001

Those were my best 5 songs folks, and if anyone wants he/she can write his/hers top-5 songs here as a comment, or at G+. It's fun to see other people likings...
That's all for now, see you all later! :)