Monday, June 10, 2013

PROG & ROLL Radio Show: The Grand Finale!

Hello all!
As I mentioned before, due to some drastic changes in our lives, we had to abandon our radio show.
So, last night we had our last broadcast in a special 3-hour show.
  We wanted to do something different for this last show, so we asked from our audience to send us their song-requests and we would play them, together with the songs we would choose.
We received enough requests, and many mails from people who expressed their sorrow about this sudden stop. We were also very sad, but we had in mind to make a really great show in order to thank them for their support all those months. And I believe we did it!
   Last night we had many people in the audience, the chatbox was again on fire, and I have to admit that those 3 hours passed very fast! Once more the lead singer of the band Galahad (Stuart Nicholson) logged in and listened to our show, but he was also very active in the chatbox.
   And when the clock showed it was time to finish, I admit it was difficult. For us first of all, and for many people who were listening. Almost everybody stayed until the last minute, and the end was very touchy.
  This time we didn't play our little 'game' with the audience grading the songs, so no Top-5 this time. We just listened to music while chatting, and enjoyed this last show.
As for the songs we played, here you can see the whole playlist. (Where you see the letter (r) it means that it was a request).
 Iron Maiden: Murders in the Rue Morgue / Galahad: Battle Scars (r) / Rush: Spirit of Radio / Rainbow: Stargazer (r) / Ozzy Ozbourne: Goodbye to Romance (r) / Archive: Again (r) / Nick Cave: 15 feet of pure white snow (r) / The Sensational Alex Harvey Band: Hammer Song (r) / Queen: Great King Ratt / Porcupine Tree: Yellow Hedgerow Dreamscape (r) / Peter Hammill: Red Shift / Haggard: The Day as Heaven Wept / Dunwich: La Cassa del' Alchimista / Spriguns of Tolgus: Flodden Field (r) / Beatles: Across the Universe (r) / Genesis: For Absent Friends / Marillion: That Time of the Night (r) / Barclay James Harvest: After the Day (r) / Procol Harum: A Whiter Shade of Pale (r) / Genesis: The Knife (r) / Galahad: Reach for the Sun / Emerson Lake and Palmer: Jerusalem / Van Der Graaf Generator: Pilgrims (r) / Jethro Tull: Velvet Green / Focus: House of the King / Kitaro: Carvansary / Annie Haslam: Still Life / Lisa Gerrard: Largo.

  I want to thank all of you who supported our show all those months, and for your kind words.
We promise to find a way to overcome the difficulties we are facing at the moment, and try to re-start Prog & Roll after a few months.
   Till then, have a great summer and Prog on!
Thank you all! :)