Friday, August 30, 2013

GFreedom Team Presents: PROG & ROLL "Reloaded"...

Hello everybody!
After an almost 3 months break, our radio show "Prog & Roll" is back!
Starting from this Sunday, our show will be back online once more.
To be honest we really missed the fun we had altogether every Sunday night.
And I'm very glad to see that many of our listeners are really excited and they are waiting with great anticipation for our show to start again.
 All of you that used to be faithful listeners of our radio show there is no reason to read further more.
You know the day & time, you know the radio station, and you know the music style and the fun.
As for all of you who are not familiar with our radio show, maybe you should read a bit more.
   GFreedom Team is hosting a 2-hour rock music show at an internet radio station every Sunday night at 20.00GMT. The broadcasting is in English & Greek language and we play a wide variety of music styles, but we always try to be Prog-orientated.
F.E: Hard-Rock, Heavy Metal, Folk Rock, Progressive Rock, Neo Prog, Symphonic Prog etc etc...
  We make theme shows from time to time, and on many occasions, and we try to mix the things up a little in order to surprise our audience.
   On the top of all those things, we have a usually very active chatbox, and most of the times we have great fun altogether.
 So, if any of you is in the mood for some good music, and a warm and fun company, it will be our great pleasure to have you with us. You can join us by clicking here: JustIncase Prog Radio this Sunday night at 20.00GMT.
Thank you for reading this, and I hope to "see you" online... :)