Saturday, August 31, 2013

GFreedom's Juke Box Nο.56

Goodmorning all! :)
Today  is Saturday, therefore it's time to write here my Top-5 songs.
As many of you know already, in the "Juke Box" series of posts I'm writing my best 5 songs for the week.
This week I've listened to lots of music, mostly because I was preparing the radio show, so it was a tough choice to make.
Anyway, without further delay those are my best 5 songs for this last week:

Distorted Harmony: Breathe (Utopia) - 2012
Peter Gabriel: Here Comes the Flood (Cars) - 1977
Shadow Gallery: Ghost of a Chance (Tyranny) - 1998
Donovan: There is an Ocean (Essence to Essence) - 1973
Black Sabbath: End of Beginning (13) - 2013

And as usual I strongly recommend to anybody who might be in the mood, to write as a comment here or at G+ his/hers personal top-5 songs or albums for this week. It's great to see what music other people like to listen in their free time.
Have a great weekend everybody!
Thanks for reading.  :)
P.S:  In the following videos you can listen two songs from my top-5 list. The first is from the Israelian Prog-Metal band Distorted Harmony, and in the second one is Peter Gabriel's beautiful song "Here come the flood". Enjoy! :)