Friday, November 14, 2014

My channel on YouTube is facing problems...

Hello all!
I'm sorry to say that my channel on Youtube is facing some serious problems, therefore I'm not sure for how long it will remain open. 
 I really put lots of efforts in this channel, and I spend many hours trying to create something nice there, but after the bad news I received I have to admit that I stopped trying.
 Almost 2 months ago, I uploaded a song by Supertramp, and a couple of days later I received a warning saying that it was illegal and the video was deleted. The message also informed me that if I get 2 more warnings my channel will shut down. Before 2 weeks I received a second warning for a song I uploaded 4-5 months ago, and as you can realise it is only a matter of time before I will receive the 3rd and final warning. I believe that this policy is totally stupid, because the only thing we are doing, is to advertise the bands and their songs. We don't get any profit or something of that short. (at least I don't). I'm doing it because I love music, and I believe that everybody should be able to discover songs or bands he don't know. I know many people (including myself), that discovered songs and bands they never heard off before, and bought their cd's or their songs from internet. So, why is this a bad thing?
 Anyway, I wrote this post only to inform you about these problems. For the moment my channel is still open, and if you want go take a look. It contains almost 290 songs from many different music styles.
 Further than that, if any of you had the same problems as me before, and know a way to deal with them, please inform me. Your help will be much appreciated!
Thank you very much!