Wednesday, November 5, 2014

TARJA (Ex-Nightwish) Live in Athens. The Playlist.

 A few days ago (31/10/2014) Tarja Turunen the ex-frontman of Nightwish (who is now following a solo career) appeared for one live performance in Athens. She actually started her tour from here, because as she stated she has lots of fanatic fans in Greece, and it's always a great pleasure to play live in front of them.
   The concert area was nearly packed, and Tarja gave a great performance which left everybody pleased.
(I didn't go the ehe concert, but I read many reviews and posts about it). Her performance lasted for almost 2 hours, on which she played songs from her solo albums, but she also included songs from her career with Nightwish as well.
As for the end, she kept the excellent cover version on Gary Moore's 'Over the hills and far away'.
 Here you can see the whole playlist:

In For A Kill
500 Letters
Little Lies
Falling Awake
I Walk Alone
Anteroom Of Death
Never Enough
Mystique Voyage
Die Alive
Victim Of Ritual
Wish I Had An Angel
Until My Last Breath
Over The Hills And Far Away