Monday, February 23, 2015

PROG & ROLL radio show (22/2/2015) with members from 3 bands on the chatbox. A review & the full playlist.

Hello all!
 Last night one more Prog & Roll radio show was online as usual. A few days ago we were informed that Joe Deninzon from the American band 'Stratospheerius' will join our show in order to listen and have a chat with us and our listeners. In the meantime I was speaking with Julian Klotz from the very interesting and talented German Prog-Metal band 'Archonaut', and we arranged to have them as "guests" on our next show on the 1st of March. But because they don't know how our show sounds like, I invited them on last night's show in case they wanted to log in and have a small idea. They agreed, and at the start of the show they were there. Also let's not forget our faithful listeners Dave Smith and Dave Curnow of 'Salander', who joined our company as well. So as you can understand, with so many musicians gathered there, there were many conversations going on through the chatbox, mostly about music, bands etc.
 We had a very interesting (I believe) playlist prepared, on which we tried to add songs from many different music genres, and of course play songs from the bands we had on the chatbox.
 I believe the show was a good one, and everybody seemed to have fun.
 As for next week's Prog & Roll, because we will have 'Archonaut' as special guests, be prepared for a rather upbeat and kind of noisy playlist.
 Here you can check the whole playlist from last night's show:

LUCIFER’S FRIEND: Spanish galleon / CHICAGO: Questions 67 & 68 / COLOSSEUM: The kettle / SIENA ROOT: Waiting for the sun / BLUES PILLS: Astralplane / STRATOSPHEERIUS: One foot in the next world /  THE GRATEFUL DEAD: Truckin’ / GREEN ON RED: We shall overcome / STRATOSPHEERIUS: Climbing / TOM PETTY: Learning to fly / THE ALAN PARSON’S PROJECT: The cask of Amontillado / SALANDER: Aldri sakleysi er farinn / PORCUPINE TREE: Sound of muzak / ARCHONAUT: The last march of the swarm / THE KORDZ: Last call / MYRATH: Merciless times / CAMEL: Air born / FOCUS: House of the King / TAMALONE: Homage to life.
"Epic" song: JETHRO TULL: Baker street muse.
A very big thanks to all of you who logged in last night, and I hope you enjoyed it. A very special thanks to Joe of Stratospheerious, to Julian and Sebastian of Archonaut, and to the 2 Dave's of Salander. Thanks for your love and support!