Wednesday, February 11, 2015

TV Series: The Americans (Seasons 1&2)

  Here's a small review on the latest Tv series I watched simply called 'The Americans'. I watched the first 2 seasons so far, and I can't wait to watch the 3rd one which started a couple of weeks ago.
  'The Americans' is a drama series created and produced by the former CIA officer Joe Weisberg. The story is set during the 80's, and it's about 2 Soviet KGB officers posing as an American married couple living on the suburbs of Washington DC with their 2 unsuspecting children.
  As you can understand these 2 KGB officers are spies, and they are under orders which comes directly from Moscow. What make things more interesting and more complicated is their neighbor, who is an FBI counterintelligence agent, with whom they became "friends".
  Some of the stories we see happening in the series are based on real live events, because Weisberg as I mentioned above was working for CIA, and that helped him develop several storylines in the series, basing some plot lines on real-life stories, and integrating several things he learned in his training, such as communication protocols. Weisberg was fascinated by stories he had heard from agents who served abroad as spies while raising their families, and inspired him to start writing the scenarios for that series.

  Each season consists of 13 episodes, and each episode has a running time of almost 45 minutes. There are many stories which are taking place, and some of them are connected, making the series even more interesting in my opinion. 
  The 3rd season started on the 28th of January, and it will propably finish nearly the end of April. So if you are fans of well structed action/spies stories don't loose time! 'The Americans' will be perfect for you.
  The first 2 seasons of 'The Americans' scored an average rating of 8.2/10.00 points on IMDB.
 Here you can watch a small trailer for season 1.