Monday, June 29, 2015

PROG & ROLL radio show (28/6/2015). The full playlist.

 In last night's Prog & Roll, we wanted to play songs from many different music genres, and I want to believe that we did a good job! During the 2 hours of the show, we played songs from Rock, Blues, Psychedelia, Neo-Prog, Progressive Metal, Heavy Metal etc. As it seemed the people enjoyed it, so we are also pleased. :-)
 Here you can take a look at the whole playlist:

GRAVY TRAIN: Coast Road / JETHRO TULL: A New Day Yesterday / FRANK ZAPPA: Directly from My Heart to You / STONE THE CROWS: The Touch of Your Loving Hand / ABSOLACE: Sirens / STEVEN WILSON: Hand Cannot Erase / NICE BEAVER: In Close Proximity / THE BARROCK PROJECT: A Winter’s Night / PENDRAGON: In Bardo / ANDREW LLOYD WEBBER: (From Jesus Christ Superstar): Heaven on their Minds / BEGGAR’S OPERA: Open Letter / KALEIDOSCOPE: Please / KALEIDOSCOPE (UK): Flight from Asiya / PINK FLOYD: Matilda Mother / JEFFERSON AIRPLANE: High Flyin’ Bird / JUDAS PRIEST: You’ve got Another thing Coming / TONNY IOMMI: Meat (Feat. Skin) / TOOL: Stingfist / SYSTEM OF A DOWN: Lost in Hollywood.
"Epic" song: THERION: Siren of the Woods.
I would like to thank all those who logged in last night and listen to our show. We are very pleased and happy to have such a great audience! :-)
Prog & Roll will be online again on next Sunday, the 5th of July. 
See you there! :-)