Monday, June 15, 2015

PROG & ROLL radio show. (14/6/2015) The full playlist...

Hello all!
Last night Prog & Roll radio show was online once more, as usual.
 I believe it was a good one, and the people who were listening seemed satisfied with the music and the show in general. Once more we had listeners from many countries, such as: England, Mexico, France, Northern Ireland, Greece and Russia.
 During the week we tried to prepare an interesting playlist, in which we tried to combine many different styles of music, and I think we did a good job.
 Here you can see which songs we played in last night's show:

BAD COMPANY: Bad Company / FREE: Fire & Water / THE WHO: The Seeker / MOUNTAIN: Flowers of Evil / KEEF HARTLEY BAND: Not Foolish, not Wise / DRAMA: Melodrama / FOCUS: Focus III / CAMEL: Stationary Traveller / TRION: Silence of the Universe / KITARO: Caravansary / YNGWIE MALMSTEEN: Making Love / WITHIN TEMPTATION: Stand My Ground / BLIND GUARDIAN: At the Edge of Time / PARADISE LOST: Isolate / RAMMSTEIN: Sonne / RHAPSODY (OF FIRE): The Magic of the Wizard’s Dream / SHADOW GALLERY: Two Ghosts / MOTHER TURTLE: Bridge / KAYAK: Stranger in Rome.
"Epic" Song: AYREON: Isis & Osiris. 
 I would like to thank all those who logged in our show, hoping you enjoyed it. I would also like to inform you that on next Sunday (21/6) we will not have a radio show, due to a travel. Prog & Roll will be back on Sunday the 28th of June.
Thank you very much! :-)