Monday, June 8, 2015

PROG & ROLL radio show. (7/6/2015). The full playlist...

Good morning all!
   Last night Prog & Roll radio show was online once more as usual.
I believe it was a good show, and I hope the people who were listening did enjoy it. (As it seemed they did though).
 We started the show with a powerful first half hour, before starting to slow it down slowly slowly. also, because lately we have been playing lots of classic bands, this time we decided to play some not do famous ones. Well, there were some exceptions to that of course, I am talking about the majority here...
  As for our audience, we had people listening to the show from many different countries, as it happens a lot lately. Of course I can speak only for those who are participating in the chatbox. I have no idea for those who are just listening. So, in the chatbox we had people from England, France, Greece and Mexico.
 As for the songs we played, you can see them here:
SYMPHONY X: Of sins & shadows / RHAPSODY (OF FIRE): Wisdom of the Kings / EPICA: Sancta Terra / NIGHTWISH: My walden / TRIDDANA: Men of clay / PAUL HAYWORTH: Sound of the underground / GREEN ON RED: Time ain’t nothing / STEVE WYNN: Black magic / THE WALKABOUTS: Jack Candy / STRATOSPHEERIOUS: The prism / WILSON PICKETT: Hey Jude (music contest) / ARENA: How did it come to this / PALLAS: Ghost dancers / ANEKDOTEN: If it all comes down to you / SIMPLEXITY: Luminosity / MAGIC PIE: Trick of the trade / ADVENTURE: Test of time / FISH: High wood.
"Epic" song:  DAVE KERZNER: Stranded.
 A would like to thank all those who logged in last night, and I hope you had some nice time.
We will "see" you again on next Sunday, at 20.00 UK time as usual.
Thank you! :-)