Wednesday, February 10, 2016

GFreedom's 2015 Top-10 Rock & Prog-Rock albums list. (Part.5)

  This is the 5th and last part of my list with the 10 albums I picked as my best ones for 2015.
At the end of this post I will also add the albums that reached very close to enter this Top-10, but for some reasons I decided not to include them, and were replaced by others.
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So, the 5th and final part of my Top-10 album releases for 2015 begins with...
     SALANDER: The Fragility of Innocense
  This is a very good album, but also a very special one for me for 2 reasons: First of all because - thanks to Prog & Roll - we are now in a position that we can call the 2 Daves of Salander as friends, and furthermore because my wife - and Prog & Roll's co-host - Nihal, participates in the album by singing in a couple of songs. Upon the album's release I posted a very detailed "review" in this blog, so if you are interestd you can take a look here:

  I have to confess that I never heard the name of this band before, so this album was an apocalypse for me! Subterranean Masquerade is a multinational band, but as far as I know many of their members are from Israel. The first time I listened to this album I was pleasantly surprised by the massive sound of it, the many style changes, and the "Mediterranean essences" that are included here. There are so many different music styles mixed in this album, so it is impossible to add it under just one music category. The album includes 7 tracks, plus 2 bonus in the limited digipack edition, and almost all of them are very interesting compositions.    The album opens with 'Early Morning Mantra' which is a powerful song with strong Anatolian "flavour" and it gives the listener a first idea of what's going to follow. The next song 'Reliving the Feeling' is a good one but nothing special, and then comes the wonderful 'Tour Diary', followed by the really unique and beautiful 'Nigen', which was the reason I discovered this album. 'Nigen' was the first song I've listened, and I tried to learn more about the band thinking that they might be from Greece. Finally they weren't, but it really doesn't matter. What does matter is that I discovered a really beautiful album and a very talented and promising band! 
In Prog Archives 'The Grand Bazaar' has an average rating of 4.0 out of 5.0 stars.
                    Highly Recommended!
By clicking the following link you can listen to the song 'Tour Diary'.

Here I will write down the albums that reached up to the final draft, but didn't make it to the Top-10 list.
IO EARTH: New World (Prog Archives Aver. Rating: 4.03/5.00 stars)
CICCADA: The Finest of Miracles (Prog Archives Aver. Rating: 4.02/5.00 stars)
THE GENTLE STORM: The Diary (Prog Archives Aver. Rating: 3.57/5.00 stars)
NIGHTWISH: Endless Forms Most Beautiful (Prog Archives Aver. Rating: 3.73/5.00 stars)
GRAND TOUR: Heavy on the Beach (Prog Archives Aver. Rating: 3.86/5.00 stars)
GALAHAD: Empires Never Last (Re-mixed - deluxe edition) 

I hope you find this list helpfull and interesting.
Thank you for visiting my blog! :-)