Monday, June 6, 2016

Prog & Roll Radio show (5/6/2016) with Drifting Sun as guests. A small review & the complete playlist.

  After a week's absence, last night Prog & Roll was online once more.
  This time we had a presentation prepared on Drifting Sun's new album 'Safe Asylum'. We had some musicians in our audience once more, including Pat Sanders and Will Jones of Drifting Sun, together with Marco De Angelis from Rome Italy, and Benjamin Bell from UK.
  I dare say that it was a cool and fun show, with lots of nice songs. We did our music quiz once more, and the winner of the quiz took as a prize a CD copy of Safe Asylum, signed by Pat Sanders himself.
  We had people from many different countries in our chatbox once more, and I want to believe that everybody enjoyed the whole thing.
  As for next Sunday (12/6/16), we are preparing a very special show, during which we will present the new fantastic triple concept album The Clockwork Fable by Gandalf's Fist. Furthermore, we will play the most interesting parts from the interview we took from their drummer Stefan Hepe, together with a few more surprises.
So, try not to miss that show, it's going to be a really good one!
  Here you can take a look at last night's playlist if you are interested:
Part 1: MARCO DE ANGELIS: Never Look Back / NEAL MORSE: Another World / HASSE FROBERG MUSICAL COMPANION: Everything Can Change / DRIFTING SUN: Gods / GANDALF’S FIST: The Circus in the Clearing.
Part 2: FISH: 13th Star / DRIFTING SUN: The Hidden Truth / CAMEL: Breathless / DAVID BOWIE: The Prettiest Star / COCKNEY REBEL: Hideway.  
 Part 3: STEVE HACKETT: The Chamber of 32 Doors (Music Quiz) / DAVE KERZNER: The Lie / DRIFTING SUN: Wonderland.
Part 4: PORCUPINE TREE: Shallow / THE MINSTREL’S GHOST: Avalon (Pt.3) / FLYING COLORS: Bombs Away / DRIFTING SUN: Desolation - Retribution.
  I would like to thank all those to chose to spend their Sunday night/afternoon with us, and especially Pat Sanders, Will Jones, Marco De Angelis and Benjamin Bell for being our "musical community" on the chatbox once more.