Wednesday, September 21, 2016

SIVERT HOYEM (ex-Madrugada) Live in the shadow of Acropolis...

  Sivert Hoyem is a very popular musician in Greece, and that has happened since his early days with Madrugada. He had visited Greece many times for concerts, and every time he gives his best self on stage.
  I am a fan of Madrugada since the release of their debut album 'Industrial Silence' in 1999, and I have seen Sivert on stage with Madrugada or solo over 10 times I think. (Last time I saw him playing live was a few months ago at a venue in Athens).
But this time will be different.
  As far as we know, Sivert was always dreaming to play live in the ancient Herodeion Theater, that lies exactly under the Acropolis in Athens. And now his dream will come true.
For that reason, he is preparing a special show, with special guests on vocals, plus a string quartet, and as far as he stated, he is going to include in the show many songs from his days with Madrugada that he doesn't play live anymore.
  The first concert that was announced is for the 29th of September it became sold-out in almost 2 weeks. For that reason, one more date has been added, the 2nd of October.
The tickets are already on sale for the 2nd concert, so in case you are living in Athens or you are a visitor, don't miss the chance to see a wonderful concert that will take place at a really fantastic ancient theatre. 
I already bought my ticket, and to be honest, I can't wait! :-)
You can buy your ticket online here:
(On the pictures you see the concert's poster, and a picture of the ancient theater that the event will take place).