Saturday, September 17, 2016

Special "Mediterranean Ethnic" Prog & Roll radio show, with special guest Yossi Sassi (ex-Orphaned Land).

  I’m writing this post to inform you that on this Sunday 18/9/16 Prog & Roll radio show will have as “special guest on the chat-box” Yossi Sassi, the leader and heart & soul of the Israelian Ethnic Metal band Orphaned Land, who is now following a solo career.
  From our behalf, we prepared a special and musically different show, during which we are going to play some parts of the interview we took from him, together with a few songs from his new – and very good – album Roots and Roads. (You can read a post I wrote about this album some time ago here:
  So, this Sunday’s Prog & Roll will be divided into 3 major parts: The first half hour, during which we are going to play songs from modern Rock styles, such as Stoner, etc. Next, we will have the 2nd and 3rd half hours, during which we will have a Mediterranean & Middle Eastern Ethnic/Fork Rock part, and the 4rth and last half hour, during which we will play some classic Progressive Rock from the 70’s.
We will also have our usual music quiz once more, and the winner will win one copy of Yossi Sossi’s new album as a prize.
  So, if on this Sunday afternoon you are in the mood for a friendly radio show with nice and interesting music, tune in to Prog & Roll. Our show begins at 20.00 UK time and lasts for 2 hours. The broadcasting is mostly in English, but also Greek as well.
Just click on the following link at the time I mentioned above:
I hope to “see” some of you online.
Have a nicee Weekend!
Thank you!