Thursday, May 11, 2017

Prog & Roll's Special tribute show to Clive Nolan's opera's (including an interview as well) now on Mixcloud!

Hey all!
  A couple of weeks ago, we did a special tribute to Clive Nolan's operas and musicals in Prog & Roll Radio Show. The tribute lasted for almost an hour, during which, we played the most interesting parts of the interview I conducted with him, mixed with songs from his operas. We concluded the tribute with a song from his new - and yet unreleased - musical King's Ransom, that we played in a worldwide premiere!
  We had lots of people who were listening to our show that night, and on our chatbox we had a whole group of musicians, including Clive Nolan himself, Colin Tench, Benjamin Bell, Andy Sears (who plays the role of Lord Jagman in Alchemy) Gemma Ashley (who is singing in King's Ransom) and Clive's PR Manager Magda Grabias.
  I have to admit that I was kind of nervous that night, but I think the show went fine. Everybody enjoyed the pieces of the interview we played, and also the songs from Clive's operas and musicals.
And since today, this tribute is uploaded on Mixcloud, for you to enjoy as well!
  I'm sure that many people who missed that show would be interested in listening to it out of curiosity maybe, and some others maybe would be interested in listening to it again.
So, do not loose time!
Click on the following link:
  In case you like it, just spread the word around, please.
You can also subscribe to our Mixcloud page, and get informed about the shows I will be uploading there. It is very easy.
Thank you! 😉

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