Monday, May 1, 2017

PROG & ROLL Radio Show, including a tribute to Clive Nolan and many musicians on the chatbox. (30/4/2017). A small review and the complete playlist.

Hello all!
  Last night's Prog & Roll was a very special and kind of a unique one. During last week, I wrote a couple of posts advertising it, so you have an idea of what was going to happen.
  During the show's first hour, we did a tribute to the Rock operas and musicals of Clive Nolan, and we played some interesting parts from the interview I conducted, when I visited him at his home in South London.
  Clive Nolan together with his PR manager Magda joined our chatbox exactly on time, but they were not the only ones; Colin Tench and Benjamin Bell joined our chatbox as well. After a while, Andy Sears who plays the role on Lord Jagman in Alchemy appeared on the chatbox as well, followed by Gemma Ashley, who is singing in the song that we played in a worldwide premiere last night.The song was Solitary Man and it will be included in Clive's new opera King's Ransom, that will be released after 3-4 months. The tribute lasted for almost an hour, and I believe it was really interesting one. 
  After that, the second hour of the show begun, where the final stage of the 'Song of the Month' contest took place. There, we played the songs that achieved the highest average rating during April, and we asked from our listeners to grade them once more. And at the end of the show we announced the winning song, which already occupied one more slot in Prog & Roll's Top-10 song list for the season 2016-2017. So, according to our listener's, April's song of the month is: DON'T STOP ME NOW by QUEEN!
  The competition was fierce, as you can understand by the average ratings you will see next to each song.
Here you can check the whole playlist from last night:
1st hour: CAAMORA: ‘She’ Overture / Interview with Clive Nolan Pt.1 / CLIVE NOLAN & OLIVER WAKEMAN: The Curse of the Baskervilles / Interview with Clive Nolan Pt.2 / CLIVE NOLAN: Quaternary Plan / Interview with Clive Nolan Pt.3 / CLIVE NOLAN: The Tide of Wealth / Interview with Clive Nolan Pt.4 / CLIVE NOLAN: Solitary Man (Worldwide premiere). 
2nd Hour: 'Song of the Month' contest:
GEORGE HARRISON: What is Life (Av. Rat:7.87) / SIENA ROOT: Nightstalker (Av. Rat:8.27) / COCKNEY REBEL: Death Trip (Av. Rat:8.30) / QUEEN: Don’t Stop Me Now (Av. Rat:8.61) / BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST: The Poet – After the Day (Av. Rat:8.46) / GENESIS: The Fountain of Salmasis (Av. Rat:8.15)
I would like to thank everybody who listened to Prog & Roll last night, hoping that you enjoyed it. A special thanks to Magda for organizing the participation of Clive Nolan and his friends on our chatbox.
Prog & Roll will be on air again on Sunday the 7th of May.
'Till then, take care!
Thank you!