Monday, October 30, 2017

Prog n Roll radio show (29/10/2017), including the Listener's Happy Hour. The complete playlist and more...

Hello all!
  Last night, the last Prog n Roll radio show of October was on air, and because of that, it was including the Listener's Happy Hour; during which, we played the songs that were requested by our listeners.
  This was the first time we did the Listener's Happy Hour after a long time, and we had no idea what to expect. Some people from our audience responded, and asked for some songs to play for them. 
  There were enough long songs included in their requests, that's why the Listener's Happy Hour lasted for more than just an hour; which is very good.
For that reason, the first two parts of the show were shorter than usual.
I believe that it was a very enjoyable show, the playlist was kind of mixed up, and we had lots of fun on the chatbox.
Here you can take a look at the complete playlist:

Part 1: THE WHO: You better you bet / T.REX: Jeepster / DAVID BOWIE: Suffragette city.
Part 2: KAYAK: Time stand still / BEARDFISH: Can you see me now? / MONARCH TRAIL: Missing / TIGER  MOTH TALES: A visit to Chigwick.
Part 3: MOTORHEAD: Heroes  / MEGADETH: Tornado of souls / THRESHOLD: Lost in Translation / FLYING COLORS: The storm.
Part 4: GALAXY: Sky Queen / ELOY: Mutiny / JOURNEY: Nickel and dime / GENESIS: Fading lights / LUNATIC SOUL: A thousand shards of Heaven.

I would like to thank all tohse who chose to spend their Sunday evening with us, and those who participated to the Listener's Happy Hour with their song requests.
Thank you all!

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