Saturday, November 18, 2017

PROG n ROLL celebrates its 200 broadcasts with a special show! (19/11/2017)

Hello all!
  I am very happy to announce that tomorrow Prog n Roll will celebrate its 200th broadcast! 
It is a very big milestone for us, that's why we decided to make something special.
  So, tomorrow during the 2 hours that the show is online, we are going to play some parts from our older shows, that many of our new listeners have missed, mixed with songs of course.
 We also asked from our listeners to record a short spot for us, saying a few things about Prog n Roll. Many people responded, so tomorrow we are going to play their spots as well.
  In my opinion this is going to be a very interesting and fun show, and for those who don't know Prog n Roll yet, it will be a very good show to listen to. 
  Have in mind that, Prog n Roll is a live bilingual broadcast, and it comes online on every Sunday at 20.00 UK time.
In order to listen, just click on the following link tomorrow, at the time I mentioned above:
I hope to "see" you there!
Thank you.

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