Monday, November 27, 2017

Prog n Roll radio show including the Listener's Happy Hour. (26/11/2017). The complete playlist.

Hello all!
Last night, one more Prog n Roll radio show was online. Because it was the last show of this month, it was including the Listener's Happy Hour; during which, we are playing the songs that were requested by our listeners.
This time, we had not so many requests, but almost all the songs were very good choices, and from many different music styles and genres once more.
I believe it was a very pleasant show in general, and as it seemed, most of the people enjoyed it. 
Here you can check the complete playlist:

Part 1: STEVE WALSH: The piper / KANSAS: With this heart / STRAWBS: When the spirit moves / GANDALF’S FIST: The battle for Tannhouser gate. 
Part 2: TRAFFIC: When the eagle flies / FANTASY: Gnome song / CRESSIDA: To play your little game / NEWSCHWANSTEIN: Ice with dwale.
The Listener's Happy Hour:
Part 3: MOTORHEAD: Overkill (live) / IRON MAIDEN: Powerslave / THRESHOLD: Narcissus / DEEP PURPLE: Keep on moving.
Part 4: APHRODITE’S CHILD: The four horsemen / MARILLION: Forgotten sons / THE FLOWER KINGS: In the eyes of the world.
I would like to thank all those who listened to our show once more, and all those who participated in the Listener's Happy Hour with their requests.
Thank you very much!

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