Sunday, December 31, 2017

Colin Tench has passed away... R.I.P

Where to begin?
 I am VERY sad and devastated by the horrid news of Colin's death, which I received an hour ago.
 I was proud to call him friend and I feel blessed that I had the opportunity to meet him during my visit to London. It was truly a gift that I had the chance to get to know this friendly, funny, talented and smart character; This artist... 
  During the last couple of years he was an occasional guest on Prog n Roll's chatbox on the radio, a friend we met on Skype always with pleasure and a gifted musician of Corvus Stone and Colin Tench project. 
 The thing that saddens me even more, is that we were trying to find a date to speak on skype lately, but we couldn't arrange it because either he or I was busy; and finally we never made it.
  Me, my wife and Prog n Roll's co-host Nihal, and all the producers of Just in Case Radio, would like to render our condolences to his family; and as his friends, it is our duty and pleasure to keep his memory alive by enjoying and playing his music at every given opportunity. 
Rest in peace Colin, we will miss and treasure you for always.

P.S: Tonight's special Prog n' Roll will begin with one of his songs. I hope that Colin will be somewhere there to listen to it with us.

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