Saturday, December 30, 2017

Special Prog n Roll radio show on New Year's Eve. (31/12/2017)

Hello all!
  I would like to inform you about tomorrow night's very special Prog n Roll show that we are preparing.
  After a massive request from our listeners, we decided to make a show tomorrow night, although we had nothing like that in mind to be honest. Since tomorrow night is New Year's Eve, we thought of doing something slightly different than usual, especially for the occasion.
  So, tomorrow night, Prog n Roll will begin at 21.00 UK time, and it is going to last for at least 3 hours; during which altogether we are going to change the year in 3 different time zones. At 22.00 UK time, we will begin with Greece and Turkey, at 23.00 UK time we will change the year in Italy/Germany/France etc, and we will finish at 24.00 UK time, when the new year will reach UK.
  We will celebrate each of those year changes with a long epic song, which will begin a few minutes before the change of the year, and it will finish during the first minutes of 2018.
  We prepared a joyful, happy and slightly powerful playlist, including songs by very famous bands and artists. Because it is going to be a radio party after all!
So, if you will be indoors tomorrow night, tune in and listen to our special show!
I am sure that you will not regret it.
I would like to remind you that Prog n Roll is a live bilingual broadcast which will begin - especially for the occasion - at 21.00 UK time. (22.00 Germany, France, Italy and 23.00 Greece, Turkey).
Also, don't forget to join our warm and fun company on the shoutbox. 
This my friends, will be a night to remember! :-)

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