Thursday, March 15, 2018

IMPERIAL AGE: The Legacy of Atlantis (2018). My point of view...

   I had no idea about this Russian Symphonic Metal band, until a couple weeks ago. When I learned that they will be supporting Therion in their live gig in Athens, I made a small research and listen to a few of their songs. Then, I saw them on stage and they were really good! So, I decided to add their brand new album The Legacy of Atlantis to my collection.
  (Don’t think of this piece as a review, because it isn’t one. This is just my point of view and some of my thoughts).

  I don’t consider myself as a fan of Symphonic Metal, but it is the sub-genre that I like the most when it comes to modern Heavy Metal; which means that I can be somehow objective.
  So, the Legacy of Atlantis is the band’s 3rd album, and it’s a Symphonic Metal opera. If you don’t know the band and their sound, think of them as a mix of Manowar, Therion and Nightwish and you are set. Powerful guitar riffs, “catchy” melodies and refrains and three excellent operatic singers; two females and one male. As it seems they have been influenced by Therion a lot, but they are far more epic, with an almost constant marching beat. Their music could be used in some Medieval movie with lots of battle scenes, or in some video game with a similar theme.
  The album includes 9 songs and has a total running time of almost 50 minutes; which means that is not long but not short also. It has the perfect length  if you ask me.
  This is the first album that I am listening by them, so I cannot compare it with their previous works. But I am pretty sure that very soon I am going to add at least one more in my collection.
  It is rather important that I have the album for almost 10 days now and I have been listening to it on and on, without getting bored of it. Well, so far at least. 
  Believe it or not, I don’t have any favourite songs, simply because I like them all! When I listen to it, I just put it and I let it play from the start till the end. But if I had to choose some, I would say: The Awakening, The Legacy of Atlantis, Life Eternal and The Monastery.
   The Legacy of Atlantis is a very enjoyable, epic and powerful album that every fan of Symphonic Metal should have! Give these guys a chance. Listen to their album!
                        My Rating: 4.0 (out of 5.0) stars.
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