Saturday, June 23, 2012

GFreedom's Juke Box #5

Hello to all of you!
Another Saturday afternoon came, and it is time to post my Top-5 songs
for the past week.
  As I wrote last Saturday, it would be lovely if anyone is in the mood to post his/her Top-5 songs as well in the comments section.
Last week 2 people did that, and I found it very interesting!
This week I was in the mood for more hard/heavy stuff as you will see in the following list.
So, these are my 5 best songs for this week:

JOURNEY: Of a Lifetime (Journey) (1975)
RAINBOW: Stargazer (Rising) (1976)
RUSH: Xanadu (A Farewell to Kings) (1977)
JUDAS PRIEST: Run of the Mill (Rocka Rolla) (1974)
TED NUGENT: Stranglehold(Ted Nugent) (1975)

Lots of '70's this time as you can see. hehehe...