Friday, June 8, 2012

It's EURO time!

   Hello everybody!
Today is a big day for the Football fans all over Europe.
Today starts 'Euro 2012' in the stadiums of Poland and Ukraine. That means 2-3 weeks full of football!
Great stuff! hehehe.
   I want to wish good luck to all the teams that are participating, but mostly to the Greek team, that today in the premiere is playing against one of the host teams, Poland.
Many of you may remember what happened 8 years ago in Euro 2004 in Portugal, when Greece won the contest shocking the whole Europe. (For the ones that don't remember, Greece played in the premier against the host team of Portugal, won 2-1, and in the final we played again with Portugal, we beat them 1-0 and we won the Euro!) Well, this happened once and probably will never happen again.
But I'm hoping that the Greek team will play some decent football, and maybe pass to the next round.
After all, the whole Greece needs something to feel happy about in these very difficult times that we are facing.
So, good luck Greece! :)

Take a look at the video about Greece's crazy journey until the final and the victory! :)