Wednesday, October 3, 2012

GFreedom's Team Presents: Prog & Roll Radio Show No.2

Hello All!
Tomorrow night is our second broadcast as some of you already know.
The first one I believe it went pretty good, and I hope we will make this second one better.
We have many nice songs ready for you to listen.
Many famous and known ones, and some, kind of unknown...
And that's because the meaning of radio is not only entertainment in my opinion, but also knowledge.
The point is to enjoy the songs you already know, but also to expand your musical horizons.
Anyway, I hope many people will join us to this second broadcast, and all together we will have a very nice night.
Don't forget that we have also a chatbox, and through it we can communicate, or just have some fun!
Our show will start at 21.00GMT, and it will last until 23.00GMT.
So tomorrow night log in here and get ready for some nice music!
Thank you all in advance! :)