Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Greatest Rock albums of all times. The Summary!

   A few months ago I started these series of posts.
   The main idea was to present some albums that in my (and not only) opinion can be considered some of he best in rock music. And that's for many reasons: Because they are considered very influential for the next generations of musicians, because they were really very good, because they invented new forms and music ideas, etc etc...
Of course each one of you can have his/her own opinions on that subject, but I really tried to be objective here the most I could.
I could continue this list further more, but then it would lose its meaning.
So I am stopping it here, on the 20th post.
   In these 20 posts I wrote about many bands and many records, and now is the time to make a small summary. I will write the bands, the records, and next to them the month that you can fınd the post, in case someone wants to take a look. Some of these bands or records officially should had been placed under the progressive rock categories. But I didn't do it because these specific records are so widely famous and acknowledged, that I decided to put them here.
After all, despite the sub-categories, they are Rock music.
So let's see the summary:

THE BEATLES: Sgt.Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (8/4/2012)
                              White Album (4/10/2012)
                               Revolver (27/8/2012)
PINK FLOYD: The Dark side of the Moon (9/4/2012)
                            The Wall (24/4/2012)
DAVID BOWIE: The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars (9/4/2012)
LED ZEPPELIN: I (10/4/2012)
                               II (10/4/2012)
THE ROLLING STONES: Let it Bleed (10/4/2012)
                                                Sticky Fingers (10/4/2012)
VAN MORRISON: Astral Weeks (12/4/2012)
                                  Moondance (12/4/2012)
THE WHO: Who's Next (16/4/2012)
                     Quadrophenia (16/4/2012)
QUEEN: A Night at the Opera (18/4/2012)
JETHRO TULL: Aqualung (21/4/2012)
WISHBONE ASH: Argus (26/4/2012)
JEFFERSON AIRPLANE: Surrealistic Pillow (6/5/2012)
DEEP PURPLE: Machine Head (31/5/2012)
BLACK SABBATH: Black Sabbath 1/5/2012)
THE DOORS: The Doors (13/6/2012)
LOVE: Forever Changes (4/7/2012)
JIMI HENDRIX: Are You Experıenced 23/7/2012)
BOB DYLAN: Bringing it all Back Home (7/8/2012)
                          Highway 61 Revisited (7/8/2012)

So, in these 20 posts I presented 17 bands or artists, and 25 albums in total.
I tried to put the most information I could, I posted pictures of the albums and some times from the bands, and in most cases 1-2 videos that you are able to watch some songs.
I hope that many people found these posts interesting, and informative.
Here is officially the end of 'The Greatest Rock Albums of all Times'.
Thanks everyobdy for reading them and commenting in some cases. :)