Monday, July 15, 2013

The Progressive Rock Encyclopedia: C (Part 6)

                                  CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX
   CBP appeared in the music business around 2004, as a project of the multi-instrumentalist Justin Greaves among many others of his projects. The members of the band were musicians in other bands as well, such as Iron Monkey, Electric Wizard and Mogwai to name a few. The main idea was to make a band with a more'unique' and 'elegant' sound, and the truth is they did it.
   Many members came and gone through the years, but the main idea of the band's sound remained the same. They released their first record "A Love of Shared Disasters" in 2006, and since then they have a steady release rhythm of a new record in almost every 2 years.
   They are a really interesting band, with great melodies and rhythms, that I strongly recommend to every fan of Rock music. CBP is the band for which I wrote my first post here in this blog, almost 1.5 year ago.
 If any of you is interested, you can read that post here:
 In the following videos you can listen to a couple of beautiful songs, and have an idea about the band...

 Cromwell is a German band with an English name. They were founded in 1992 as a 5-members band, driven by the beautiful voice of Anne Taeffner. The name of the band was not randomly chosen, and it describes the dark approach of the band to the Middle Ages, as in many occasions their songs are about passages and moments from the British history. Unfortunately they released only one record named "Burning Banners" in 1997, and they disappeared afterwards. They have a very strong and balanced sound, and their songs are in English. This record is a little hidden jewel, and that's the reason I decided to write about them.
   I tried to post their song "The Crow" here, but It seems impossible! So if you want, click on the following link in order to listen to their song and see how they sound like.