Saturday, July 27, 2013

GFreedom's Juke Box Nο.53

Hello all!
Here is another post in the "Juke Box" series.
   For those who aren't familiar with these series of posts, the "juke box" is a post that I'm writing every Saturday, and it contains my Top-5 songs for the week.
The main purpose is to share the music I like with all of you, and maybe inspire some people in order to search for new bands & songs, or to remember things that are forgotten  through the years.
  So, for this week here are my top-5 songs:

 Love: Andmoreagain (Forever Changes) - 1967
 Pallas: Ghost Dancers (The Dreams of Men) - 2005 
 Sandy Denny: Like an old Fashioned Waltz (Like an old Fashioned Waltz) - 1973
 David Gilmour: Murder (About Face) - 1984
 The Incredible String Band: Ithkos (Hard Rope & Silken Twine) - 1974

 As I wrote at the previous "Juke Box" post, in order to make these posts a bit more interesting, I decided  to put a couple of videos of songs that are included in my weekly top-5 list. So, for this week here's two song for you to listen: Sandy Denny's "Like an old Fashioned Waltz" and Love's "Andmoreagain".
Both are rather sad and romantic songs.
I hope you will like them... Enjoy! :)
Have a great weekend everybody...
P.S: If any of you is in the mood, please write your personal top-5 of songs or albums for this week as a comment here or at G+. It's great reading your music likings...
Thank you...