Tuesday, July 23, 2013

TV Series: "Ripper Street" (2012)

   Here's a new and not so famous series that I really enjoyed watching.
It's a drama, set in the East London in 1889, and the plot occurs a little bit after the murders of the famous Jack the Ripper. The general area is the Whitechapel district, which was an area with many problems and many villains making rounds. At the same time the local police department tries to preserve the peace and order, facing new challenges and sometimes chaotic situations in every episode.
   The first season consists of 8 episodes of almost an hour long each one. Although there is a small background story that evolves, the truth is that there is not a real connection between the episodes, and they can be watched separately. Only the last two are connected and they deal with the same story.
   We have 3 major characters here, and a few secondary ones. The major ones are: Detective Inspector Edmund Reid (Matthew Macfadyen),  Detective Srt. Bennet Drake (Jerome Flyn) and the "Yankee" Captain Homer Jackson (Adam Rothenberg). As secondary characters we have a couple of police officers, and a few whores from the local brothel...
   The things I liked the most are the scenery set up, the very good production, and in general the very nice re-creation of this specific era. All the actors are playing their roles good, the production is from BBC and it looks expensive, and the plots are most of the times interesting to say the least. Well, what more can you ask from a Tv series?
   Finishing this post, I just want to say that although I can't say that these series are something incredible, they surely are very enjoyable to watch. Especially those who likes this  specific English era, should watch it.
And here's a trailer from the first season...