Monday, September 2, 2013

"Prog & Roll" radio show. Last night's Top-5 and full playlist....

Goodmorning all!
Last night we had our first radio show for the season.
We faced many difficulties and technical problems the previous days, but we were able to short them out just on time! pheww...
 Because of the almost 2.5 months break we were both very happy to start again, but also kind of stressed if everything will go ok. Finally everything was fine and smooth.
 We had in mind to make this new start a bit noisy, and that's what we did. For the first part at least.
During the first half hour we played more Heavy songs, and we continued with a theme second half hour.
The theme was "The tragic concert summer of Greece". In that part we played songs from bands that gave live performances in Greece this summer. 
 During the second hour we slowed down the rhythm a lot, and we played more cool music.
   For those who don't know it, we like to play a little "game" with our audience.
We ask them to grade the songs we play according to their likings. (The points are from 1-10) So, at the end of the show we make some calculations, and we find out the Top-5 songs of each show. But that's not all... The songs that are achieving to make an average of 8.5 or higher, are going to a separate list, and in the first show of every month, we play all those songs once more, and our audience is voting again. And the song which is achieving the highest rating is named as "The Song of the month".
  On last night's show we played 21 songs in total, and 3 of them achieved to gather the minimum of 8.5 points that are required in order to be able to participate in the final stage.
 In the following list you can see last night's Top-5:

1.Van Der Graaf Generator: House with no Door (Av. rating: 8.60)
2. Dead Can Dance: Radharc (Av.rating: 8.57)
3. Shadow Gallery: Ghost of a Chance (Av.rating: 8.51)
4. Pink Floyd: When the Tigers Broke Free
5. Van Morrison: Streets of Arklow

 And here you can see the whole playlist:
1st Hour: Black Sabbath: End of Beginning / Distorted Harmony: Breathe / Epica: Unleased / Dunwich: Escape from Innsmouth / Siena Root: As we Return / Riverside: Out of Myself / Septic Flesh: Therianthropy / Dead Can Dance: Radharc / Pink Floyd: When the Tigers Broke Free /  Neal Morse: Heaven in my Heart  2nd Hour: Eloy: De Labore Solis /  Crippled Black Phoenix: Hold on / Subsignal: The Last Light of Summer / Crusis: Los Delirios del Mariscal / Trees: Geordie / Van Morrison: Streets of Arklow / Led Zeppelin: Going to California / Emerson Lake & Palmer: Lucky Man / Shadow Gallery: Ghost of a Chance / David Bowie: Five Years / Van Der Graaf Generator: House with no Door.

I want to thank all of you that joined our show last night, and all together we had 2 very enjoyable hours filled with nice music. 

In the following video you can listen to the song that reached at No.1 last night...