Wednesday, September 25, 2013

TV Series: Les Revenantes (2012)

                    You should read this post, and watch this series! 
                              This post includes some spoilers!
A friend of mine gave me this 1-season French Tv series without being able to tell me what's really about, because he hadn't watch them!
And because I had no idea concerning the plot, and it was French as well, I was delaying to start watching it. Big mistake!
 The main plot is about a town in the mountains, when suddenly people who had been dead for long start to re-appear, in their previous form and without having no idea of their their present status. They try to find their friends, families, lovers etc, and in general they want to continue their lives as nothing has changed. But there is a very big change: They are dead! The problem here is that all these people are unaware that they are dead, and they try to adopt themselves in the everyday life once more.And there comes the trouble!
Because people don't want the dead making rounds in their homes, offices etc...
Slowly slowly they realize that they are not the only ones who 'returned', and they try to find how many
others are in the same situation as themselves. And on the top of that, when a series of murders start in the town everybody turns openly against them. So we have the Living VS the Dead situation going on.
  Although the main theme is not something new, don't think of the usual zombie movies or series. This is something different, and it is given from another very interesting point of view.
  And as the story evolves with every new episode, the suspense is growing, and you find yourself hooked in the story watching one episode after the other.
  I also want to mention the excellent production which is made by Canal+, the very good adaptation of the roles, and the really interesting soundtrack.
   I don't want to get into details here, I just wanted to inform you about this (not so famous but really good) series. I strongly recommend them to anybody, and especially to those who are interested in horror/mystery movies or series.
IMDB has a rating of 7.8...
Thanks for reading! :)

In the following video you can watch the official trailer: