Monday, September 30, 2013

Prog & Roll radio show: The "Song(s) of the Month" contest

Good morning everybody!
Last night we had one more Prog & Roll radio show, and this time we had the contest for "the song of the month". Which means that we played again all those songs that achieved a very high average rating during the whole month, and our audience got to choose the best one by grading these songs once more.
When we started this, we had in mind to make an annual Top-10 of our radio show, according to the peoples votes. Which means that every "song of the month" goes into this Top-10 list as well.
But unfortunately we had to make a 3 month break (instead of 2) during summertime, so we were one song short.
So, since we had too many songs this time round in the contest list we decided that our audience would vote to choose 2 songs. The first one in ratings would be announced as 'The Song of the Month", and the second one would secure a spot in the annual Top-10.
 Last night's contest was the longest so far, with 15 songs participating from many different music styles as you can see below. We started our show at 20.00GMT as always, and for the first half hour we played a few songs that had nothing to do with the contest. And at 20.25GMT the contest begun. The contest was separated in 3 half-hour parts. We mixed the songs in purpose, so in every part we included different styles in order for the contest not to become boring and 'flat'.
I'm not going to reveal the winning song(s) yet, be a little patient please. At the moment, take a look at the whole song list first:
Normal program: Earth Opera: The Red Sox are Winning / HP Lovecraft: High Flying Bird / Hidria Spacefolk: Kaikados / Galahad: Guardian Angel.   
Contest songlist: 
1st part: Dead Can Dance: Radharc / Loreena Mc Kennitt: All Souls Night / Fates Warning: Chasing Time / Shadow Gallery: Ghost of a Chance / Tool: Sober / Black Sabbath: Electric Funeral 
2nd Part: The Beatles: I Want you (She's so Heavy) /  Camel: Straight to my Heart / The Who: Behind Blue Eyes / Metallica: One 
3rd Part: Van Der Graaf Generator: House with no Door / Mystery: Time Goes by / Judas Priest: Dreamer Deceiver / Verbal Delirium: Sudden Winter / Savatage: Gutter Ballet.

As you can see there were many different styles of music in the contest, and that fact made the contest more interesting for everybody.
As for the winning song.....
                             The Song of the month for September is:
                             The Beatles: I Want You (She's so Heavy)! 
   As I mentioned earlier here, this time our audience had to choose 2 songs, so....
         The second song which will also be included in the annual Top-10 is:
                                 Verbal Delirium: Sudden Winter!
 I want to thank all who joined, voted, and in general participated last night, and I hope to see you again soon in one of our next radio shows.
In the following video's you can listen to the winning songs: