Monday, September 23, 2013

PROG & ROLL Radio show (22/9/2013) Top-5 & full playlist

Good morning!
Here I am once more on a Monday morning, in order to inform you about last night's Prog & Roll radio show.
Well, last night we had a very good crowd, and the best part was that we had many new people online. Another interesting fact was the "Traffic" we had. There were people coming and going, coming back again etc... 
As for the playlist, I have to admit it wasn't so much of a 'Prog' once more. Lately we tried to blend Progressive Rock with Classic Rock, Hard Rock & Heavy Metal and that's something we are doing mostly in order to surprise our audience and give a different 'taste' to our show.  As I have mentioned already in other posts, we like to mix things up every now and then, so the listeners won't be able to know what they are going to listen. We play many styles of Rock music depends on our mood usually.
This was the last show for September before the big contest for the "Song of the Month" which will take place on next Sunday's show. So once more we had the grading"game" going on, and I have to say I'm very pleased with the result. And why? Because for the first time a Greek band reached at No.1! And I''m pleased not only because they are Greeks, but mostly because I really love this song.
So, according to our audience's grades here's last night's Top-5 songs list:

1. Verbal Delirium: Sudden Winter
2. Black Sabbath: Electric Funeral
3. Supertramp: A Soapbox Opera
4. Led Zeppelin: Good Times Bad Times
5. Transatlantic: We all Need More Light

From these 5 songs only the first 2 achieved to gather the minimum average rating of 8.5 which is required in order to be able to participate in the contest for the "Song of the Month". So, the songs by Verbal Delirium and Black Sabbath are already added on the list together with 11 more excellent songs, and now we have to wait and see what's gonna happen on next Sunday's contest.
   As for the whole playlist, you can see it here:

SAGA: Don’t be late / NEAL MORSE: Another World / IQ: Frequency / HIDRIA SPACEFOLK: Endymion  / LAZULI: Je Te Laisse ce Monde  / BLACK MOUNTAIN: Angels / SHADOW GALLERY: Birth of a Daughter, Death of a mother / VIA OBSCURA: Schicksal  / WITHIN TEMPTATION: Stand my Ground  / RHAPSODY (OF FIRE: The March of the Swordmaster  / JOURNEY: In my lovely Feeling  / FOCUS: Sugar Island  / ATOMIC ROOSTER: Devil’s Answer  / BLUE OYSTER CULT: This Ain’t the Summer of love  / BLACK SABBATH: Electric Funeral  / RUSH: Finding my Way  / LED ZEPPELIN: Good times Bad Times / VERBAL DELIRIUM: Sudden winter / SUPERTRAMP: A Soapbox opera  / BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST: The Great 1974 minning Disaster  / MANFRED MANN’S EARTH BAND : Visionary Mountains  / TRANSATLANTIC: We all need More Light .

I want to thank all the guys and gals who logged in last night, participated, and in general helped us put out a nice show. We will see you again online on next Sunday, for the last show of this month.
Greetings and thanks for reading...
 In the following video you can listen to the song which reached at No.1 last night: