Tuesday, November 19, 2013

TV Series: The White Queen (2013)

The White Queen is a BBC production Tv Series, consisting of 10 episodes, and each episode is almost an hour long.
The background, the story & the plot are set in England during the 'War of the Roses', where there
were two main factions fighting for the throne of England. The House of York, and the House of Lancaster. But it's not exactly a historical series, because the story is based on a series of Historical novels written by Philippa Gregory, named 'The cousin's war'. The story starts in 1464, and the war between the two Houses is already in its ninth year. In the first episodes, we see the marriage of King Edward with Elisabeth, and next we see the events which followed because of this marriage.
As you can probably understand the intrigues, the backstabbings, the murders etc, are always present in each episode.
In general, I found 'The White Queen' very interesting and pleasant to watch, although I disagree at some points. For example it shows Queen Elisabeth dealing a lot with witchcraft, while there are no historical evidents that proves such thing.  
  Another thing that disturbed me was the end, which leaves you with a bitter-sweet taste, because it seems as it is unfinished. The first idea that came to my mind was that there will be another season next year which will continue the story. But then I read that BBC stated there is no plan for a second season, so the story ends there.
Anyway, I strongly recommend 'The White Queen' to those who are interested in historical movies or series, and especially to those who like reading or watching about the English history of the time.
 If I had to rate the series, my rating would be 7.5 - 8.00
IMDB has a rating of 7.6, and TV.com of 8.6
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In thee following video you can watch the trailer.