Thursday, November 14, 2013

Goodies from GFreedom's Music Collection #9

                         THE BEAU BRUMMELS: '66  (1966)

 This is a not so famous album for many reasons, but I really like it and I thought of sharing it with you.
The Beau Brummels were an American Rock band that emerged from the San Fransisco scene in 1964. They had a minor hit single in 1964 with the song 'Laugh Laugh', and another one the following year with their album 'Introducing the Beau Brummels' and the Top-10 hit single 'Just a Sound'.
In early 1966, their record company sold their rights to Warner Bros, which demanded a quick success from them. So they pushed the band to record an album which included only cover versions. The album was released on July 1966 and it was a failure. It includes 12 tracks, all of them cover versions from artists like The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan etc.
 Most of the cover versions are very interesting to say the least, and in some occasions I like them equally with the originals.
I don't really have more things to write about this record, because there is no reason actually.
I'm just putting the song list for you to take a look, and I will add  a couple of videos at the end, so you can listen to some songs by yourselves.

1. You've got to Hide your love Away
2. Mr. Tambourine Man
3. Louie Louie
4.  Homeward Bound
5. These Boots are made for Walking
6. Yesterday
7. Bang Bang
8. Hang on Sloopy
9. Play with Fire
10. Woman
11. Mrs Brown you've got a lovely Daughter
12. Monday Monday