Thursday, February 13, 2014

BLUE OYSTER CULT Live in Athens (6/2/2014) A small review & the Playlist...

This must be the 5th time that the famous American band in visiting Greece.
I had the chance to see them on stage 3 times so far,and all the times they were excellent. My only
complain is that they never played 'Astronomy'. And maybe that was the reason that made me go once more. And I didn't regret it!
The band appeared on stage, and from the first song it seemed they are in great shape, despite their age. Their music driven by the leading duo of Eric Bloom and Buck Dharma was powerfull, and very well performed.
 The first part of their setlist was based in the years between 1979-1983, but later on they returned to the 70's for good and played some of their greatest songs.
(Here I HAVE to mention the unbelievable 10-minute-long performance of 'The Last Days of May' with an extended breathtaking solo on guitar).
  When they left the stage after almost 90 minutes, everybody (including me) was wondering if this time they will include 'Astromy' in the encore. After the first two songs of the encore, Eric Bloom is
reaching the microphone saying that 'now we will play a very old song, and we will try to do our best because we haven't done not even one rehearsal'. And at last it was the time for 'Astronomy'! Well, maybe it wasn't the best version I've ever heard, but only the feeling that you can see and listen (at last!) this song performed live in front of you it was enough.
  When they left the stage for good after almost 2 hours, I think that almost everybody was satisfied to say the least.
 Here you can see the whole playlist from the concert:

This Ain't The Summer Of Love
Golden Age Of Leather
Burnin' For You
Dancin' In The Ruins
OD'd On Life Itself
Shooting Shark
The Vigil
ME 262
(Then Came The) Last Days Of May
(Don't Fear) The Reaper
The Red & The Black
Hot Rails To Hell
Cities On Flame (With Rock
Αnd Roll)