Monday, February 10, 2014

Special PROG & ROLL Radio Show on 8/2/2014. The Full Playlist...

Hello folks!
Last night I had one more Prog & Roll Radio Show on the internet radio station Just In Case Prog Radio.
   Because my wife and co-host of the show is away for the moment on a trip, I thought of inviting some of the listeners to make the show together. I did it a couple of weeks ago, and it was a big sucess, so last night I did it again. I had two listeners as guests, known by the nicknames 'Bets' and 'Filaraki'. They picked most of the songs in the show, but further than that we played some parts from the special DJ Set named 'The 5 Ages of Rock' which I presented on Saturday's event in bar 'Aitna' in Athens. (I wrote about that event a post a couple of days ago).
  By the name 'The 5 Ages of Rock' I meant the 5 decades of Rock music from 1964 until today. So I played songs from those 50 years, and from many different sub-categories of Rock music. (Psychedelia, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Progressive Rock etc).
 On last night's show I played 4 parts of this DJ Set which was recorded... ;)
 So, without further delay here's the full playlist from last night's Prog & Roll:

VERBAL DELIRIUM: Dancing Generation – THE 5 AGES OF ROCK DJ SET: (Intro +  PINK FLOYD: In the Flesh / GALAHAD: Termination / PURESSENCE: India) – NIGHTWISH: Nemo – DANTE: More or Less a Man – THE 5 AGES OF ROCK DJ SET: (QUEEN: Tie your mother Down / SIENA ROOT: Coming home / THE TEA PARTY: the River / IRON MAIDEN: Wrathchild) – SCORPIONS: They Need a Million – URIAH HEEP: Echoes in the Dark – THE 5 AGES OF ROCK DJ SET: ( THE MOODY BLUES: In the Beginning / PINK FLOYD: One of these Days / CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX: Stand up & Fight / MADRUGADA: Blood Shot Adult Commitment) – JETHRO TULL: Cross Eyed Mary – THE 5 AGES OF ROCK DJ SET: (LOVE: Between Clark & Hilldale / THE ROLLING STONES: Mother’s Little Helper / THE WHO: I’m Free / JETHRO TULL: Nothing to Say) – BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST: May Day.

 I want to thank all of you who joined my show last night, and all those who showed up in 'Aitna' on Saturday night, and alltogether enjoyed a great night! 
Thank you very much!