Friday, February 21, 2014

Goodies from GFreedom's Music Collection #11

                               GALAHAD: Empires Never Last (2007)
Galahad is one of the many bands of Neo-Prog. They were formed in 1985, and they have released 8 studio and 4 live albums so far. Their first albums were typical Neo-Prog style, with their sound being similar to Marillion, IQ, etc...
 But in 2007 the band made a very big change in their sound. The release of 'Empires Never Last' was the turning point for the band, and it's still considered as their best album so far.
 The keyboardist Dean Baker participated more in the songs, and at the same time the guitar riffs became stronger & faster. The result was a powerful album which is kind of flirting with Prog-Metal on some occasions. Stuart Nicholson's voice is in a great form, and almost all the songs are worth listening to say the least. This was the first Galahad album which I listened as a whole, and I was very surprised by the mature sound, the very well made compositions, and the powerful sound.
The album includes 7 tracks, and has a total running time of almost an hour.
There is a good balance between the powerful and melodic moments, which is another very important fact in my opinion. As for the best songs here? Well... 5 of the 7 songs are really very good.
My suggestion would be: Termination, I could be God, Memories of an African Twin, and the 2 dynamites Empires Never Last and This Life could be my Last.
Here you can listen to a couple of songs from the album...


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