Thursday, April 24, 2014

GFreedom's new channel on YouTube

Hello all!
After a short period on which I was away, I have returned and ready to go on with everything I'm dealing with lately.
My latest interest on the internet is my new channel on YouTube. I decided to give it a try to see if I can make something worthy. So, a few days ago I opened my music channel on which I will be uploading songs in an almost daily basis.
 The main idea is to upload not so famous bands and artists, so the people who will be visiting will be able to listen and learn some things they don't know. In the other hand, of course I will be uploading famous groups and bands, but in not so famous songs for the same reason. I mean what's the point of uploading only famous songs? You can find them anywhere, and they are already known to almost everybody, right?
For the moment I have uploaded only 6 songs, but in the following days/weeks I'm planning to upload many many more, in order to have a nice collection for the visitors to watch. I'm starting from the letter 'A', and I will continue until someday I'll reach the letter 'Z'. (But I will need lots of timeand efforts for that).
 If any of you is interested to find my channel, I think you can find it under the name George 'GFreedom' Eleftheriou. If you like what you see in there please subscribe in order to be able to follow up all the uploads I will be doing.
Thank you in advance :)