Wednesday, December 10, 2014

PROG & ROLL: 3 radio shows are uploaded as Podcasts...

Hello everybody!
Since sometime now we decided (and found out how to do it) that every once in a while we will be uploading some of our radio shows as podcasts, in order for you to be able to listen to them whenever you want to. The last arrangement I made is that from now and on you can also download them.
Yesterday I uploaded the 3rd radio show, and here I will give you the links for all of them.
Also, I will provide links with info about each show's playlist, so you can check which songs we played on each of these shows.
Here are the links for you:
1. Prog & Roll (21/9/2014):
 Here's the playlist:
2. Prog & Roll (5/10/2014):
 Here's the playlist:
3. Prog & Roll (7/12/2014):
Here's the playlist:
 When you start listening have in mind that first comes the radio station's jingle which is in Greek, and after that you will listen to Prog & Roll's intro which is in English & Greek. After that, you can listen to the whole show.
I want to remind you that the broadcasting is in English & Greek.
I hope you will like our shows and the music we play.
Thank you for visiting... :-)