Monday, December 8, 2014

PROG & ROLL radio show on 7/12/2014. The full playlist and more...

  Last night's Prog & Roll was one of the best we had since sometime now I believe.
We had a very active chatbox with many peole participating, and many more who were just listening. We had a lot of fun, and the 2+ hours passed really fast. Further than that, we had a rather unpredictable finale, which was something we enjoyed a lot.
  As I have mentioned a couple of times before, one of the things I really enjoy is to have an active audience, and you will understand now why.
  Starting from last night we decided to add something new in the show. Lately we used to play an extra song after the official end of our show, because some people were asking for it. So we named it as "encore". And starting from yesterday we decided to play a little "game" with our listeners. So, during the last song we wrote 3 songs in the chatbox, and asked them to vote for one of them. The song with the highest amount of votes would be the one we were going to play as "encore".
 The 3 songs were Supertramp's Crime of the century, The four horsemen by Aphrodite's Child, and Astronomy by Blue Oyster Cult. The people started to vote, and at a point there was a tie, when suddenly someone wrote in the chatbox: Rainbow - Stargazer. Suddenly almost everybody started asking for this song. So I searched through my music library, found it, and added it exactly the moment the previous song was ending. You can't imagine what happened when Stargazer started! That was really great! We were laughing with the people's comments and reactions, and as it seemes everybody really liked this last-minute change. But because we had already the voting going on, we decided to play one more song which was voted by them, and it was Crime of the century by Supertramp.
 Here you can take a look at the playlist:

GAZPACHO: Desert flight / MUSE: Starlight / GALAHAD: Secret kingdoms / DREAM THEATER: Under a glass moon / OMEGA: You don’t know / NEKTAR: New day dawning / SIENA ROOT: Nightstalker / NIGHTSTALKER: Children of the sun / GRAVEYARD: No good Mr. Holden / CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX: Fantastic Justice / SALANDER: Zeitgeist / DEE EXPUS: Maybe September / JETHRO TULL: No lullaby (live) / AYREON: The theory of everything (part 1) / KANSAS: The wall / PINK FLOYD: Pigs.
 Encore: RAINBOW: Stargazer / SUPERTRAMP: Crime of the century.
I want to thank all of you who logged in and listened to Prog & roll last night, hoping you had some good time. We surely did!
Thank you all! :-)