Monday, December 29, 2014

The last Prog & Roll for 2014 with many guests on the chatbox. The full playlist and more...

Hello all!
Last night we had the last show of 2014, and here I am today in order to inform you about it.
 We had a special show prepared for last night, as I wrote here a few days ago, including a few guest musicians on the chatbox. During the week I received some confirmations from the artists, so I knew beforehand who will log in during the show in order to listen and chat with our listeners.
 So the musicians who logged in last night were: 3 members from the Greek band 'Verbal Delirium' plus their manager who logged in for a while, Curved Air's singer and former member Sonja Kristina, and from Quebeq Canada, Stephane Desbienes who is the mastermind behind 'The D Project'.
  Further than that, on last night's show we broke 3 records: 
1. For the first time we had so many musicians gathered in one show. 
2. Lately we have people listening from many different countries and places, but this time we had one listener who logged in from the edge of the world (literally). One person in our audience was working on a ship and he was listening from Antarctica!!! 
3. Last night we had the youngest person ever listened to our show, who was Florian Decros from France. His age? Just 13 years old! The really impressive thing was not only his age, but most importantly the fact that he knew the songs and albums we were playing, and above all, he was the winner in our music contest as well! Congratulations Florian once more!
  The whole show lasted for almost 2.5 hours, and here you can see the full playlist:

JOE COCKER: A whiter shade of pale / PINK FLOYD: The dogs of war / URIAH HEEP: Sunrise / RUSH: The spirit of radio / CURVED AIR: Stay human / PORCUPINE TREE: Piano lessons / MARILLION: Slainte Mhath / GALAHAD: Richelieu’s prayer / NIGHTWISH: Over the hills and far away / FISH: Apeman (music contest) / DAVID BOWIE: The man who sold the world / ELOY: Future city / VERBAL DELIRIUM: Dancing generation / THE D PROJECT: Making sense / BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST: She said / GENESIS: Visions of Angels / JETHRO TULL: Too old to Rock n Roll, too young to die / PROCOL HARUM: Beyond the pale / CAMEL: Lady fantasy.
 I want to thank all those who logged in last night and listened to Prog & Roll, hoping you had some nice time. A very special thanks to Chrisitne Maragou (the manager of Verbal Delirium), Stellios Pavlou (the drummer of VD), Jargon (singer and keyboard player of VD), George Kyriakidis (guitar player of VD) Sonja Kristina (singer of Curved Air) and Stephan Desbienes (The D Project). We were very glad and honored to have you in the chatbox, and we hope to see you again in the future.
 Thank you all! :-)