Tuesday, March 24, 2015

TV Series: House of Cards (Season 3)

I just finished watching the 3rd season of the political drama 'House of Cards', and I would like to write a few things about it. Don't expect a review, because I am not a critic. Just some of my thoughts.
                                        WARNING: Spoilers ahead!
 First of all I want to say that 'House of Cards' is a pleasure to watch, if not for anything else, then for the really great performance by Kevin Spacey in the role of Frank Underwood. Not that the other actors are not good, it's quite the opposite actually! But Kevin Spacey's acting is of course by far the most superior one.
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  In the post I uploaded about Seaon 2 I'm write at a point: "When I was watching the series, I thought of them (Frank & Claire) as the "evil couple" more than a few times, which is actually very close to the truth. They are a couple that will stop at nothing until they get what they want". And what they wanted was Frank to become the President.
 Season 2 ends with Frank Underwood becoming finally the President of the Unites States of America, after all the efforts they put into it. At his side his wife Claire (Robin Wright), is standing firmly by her husband as The First Lady, but in season 3 we see that she would like to become something more than that.
 Frank's presidency starts the hard way, and what we see in every episode is that everything goes wrong. In the meantime, he can't find the money in order to support his main project 'AmWorks', and he tries to take these money from other sourses. He is also facing big problems with his own political party (because obviously they don't like him), and above all there is a big crisis with the Russians going on. What a great way to start eh?
  Frank on the other hand does his best in order to lose even the few friends he has got left. With his really bad attitude and his super-ego, he's slowly slowly adandoned by his workers and friends.
  But if I want to be completely honest, I should say that this 3rd season was the less interesting of all. (so far at least). Because the show became famous, they are adding more and more irelevant (or not) stories in order to expand its length. And some of these stories are boring...
  I'm not regreting watching this season, and I will definetely watch the 4rth one as well, but I'm losing interest slowly slowly. 
 Concluding this, I should say that if I had to give a rate for the 3rd season, I would give something around 7.0 (out of 10.0)
In the following video you can watch a trailer for the 3rd season.
Thank you for reading. :-)